So refreshing and healing!! I came to Jane due to some pain in my pelvic floor during my pregnancy. I have a two year old, was pregnant with my 2nd baby, and could barely walk when I arrived.
Jane was a joy to work with. She is incredibly accommodating and loving to children. I had so much fun during my therapy! Jane gave me a great and easy exercise routine. Her massages/manual therapy were heavenly.
Most PTs I have worked with gave me a therapy routine that I could not fit into my day b/c it would require me to do them 3 times a day. Also, they would schedule appointments for an undetermined amount of time.
Jane gave me a 20 min workout that I could fit in almost anywhere and she asked me to come in to see her only 4 times. After seeing her for four weeks, she recommended I continue my exercises and stay in touch if I needed more assistance. Her expertise and supportive nature are the perfect combination for healing!
— J.M.
I used to wear night guards for my clenching for years, I used to grind my teeth at night and have tension headaches and discomfort in my face and jaw.
After seeing Jane for only 3 treatments (1x/week for 3 weeks), I no longer experienced any discomfort.
I learned so many exercises and techniques to take care of my jaw, that I no longer have to wear my night guard.
I no longer wake up with pain, and it feels great! Fast results, great provider, who also works with UCSF’s Orofacial Pain group, so I was very confident in her. Highly recommended.
— H.P.
I’ve never experienced anything like the pelvic floor EMG evaluation before. It allows you to see visually how much you are engaging each of the muscles that supports the pelvic floor.
It was so helpful and with Jane’s instruction and guidance, we were able to pinpoint which muscles were working well...and which muscles needed to be strengthened.
It is really insightful and a must for anyone with pelvic floor issues. I highly recommend it! And Jane is incredibly intelligent and makes it all easy to understand. She made the experience really fun and I learned so much from her. She has a lot to offer!
— A.P.
As a healthy 60 year old female, or so I believed…. I never thought I would be incontinent. I have always worked out and have never had any children. But as I turned 60, I was having difficulty with leakage especially when I would cough or sneeze or lift something heavy. My MD even said it was because I was getting older and that it was normal to wear pads. But I didn’t want to accept that. I then did a search for providers that would help patients in conservative ways instead of turning to surgical options. A friend told me about Jane and about her results and what wonderful experience they had. I booked an appointment for an evaluation and after 2-3 sessions, I saw huge improvements!! She was professional and experienced, and so knowledgable about the entire body that I will now go see her for all of my physical therapy needs.
— C.K.